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3+ Mobile Destinations

You can configure BusinessPhone landline numbers to first ring at the front desk phone, if the front-desk staff does not answer, then ring the manager's phone...and if he/she doesn't answer because she is out on an errand, then the CEO's phone rings. This way, you never miss out on that business opportunity.
BusinessPhone is great for your support, sales and marketing teams...no matter how small!

Missed Call Notification

If by unlikely chance, none of your 3+ destinations fail to answer an incoming call, you get an instant notification of the missed call by email. This way, you never miss a call.

Comprehensive Call Logs

With BusinessPhone, your call logs are no longer on your phone which can get lost or crash - or the mobile phones of your employees. Your businesses' call logs are stored safely on our servers for up to 2 years!
This way, you can access the call logs of calls to your company from anywhere in the world. You can also determine who has been ignoring calls and just in case you're a Radio/TV station, your most dedicated callers.

Sequential or Concurrent Ringing

BusinessPhone can be configured to ring the configured destinations one after another, or all at the same time. The former is suitable for multi-step call flows e.g secretary -> boss, front-desk -> back-office, while the latter is suitable for support and sales teams who have to respond instantly to callers.

Caller Tunes

Inform or entertain your callers with the BusinessPhone Caller Tune. Already have a jingle or audio advert? Simply upload it on the Numbers Setting page and your audio is played back to callers instantly. This is a free service with no monthly or daily fee.


Coming soon...

  • Custom CallerTune You got it!
  • Call Recording
  • Destination Block By Time or Day
  • ...and more