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Landline Numbers

Prospective Customers trust businesses with land line numbers more than businesses with just GSM numbers. It's time you stopped losing customers!

Business Continuity

Your business number should not be your manager's GSM number or that unreliable table phone. What if he/she leaves? What happens when there is no PHCN or charge on the phone?

Never Miss A Call

Because you can link your land line to 3 or more mobile numbers, you are sure someone will always be available to take the call.

Boss of Your Time

Your business line should not be your personal mobile number. With BusinessPhone, you're the boss of your weekend family time. Your wife will thank you!

Become Responsive

Being an SME is no excuse to keeping potential business waiting. Mobile destinations can be rung concurrently for prompt attention.

Zero Hardware Cost

There is no physical device to buy or maintain. Whether there is no PHCN or your secretary is not at work... BusinessPhone keeps working. You do not even need a smart phone.

Ease of Integration

Already have a Panasonic PBX or an Avaya iPBX? We can get BusinessPhone Numbers to work with any traditional or IP based PBX system. Custom IVR solutions? Just talk to us.

Cloud Hosted

We know how critical your telephone is to your business. We host our servers in the cloud so we can serve you 99.9% of the time.

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